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photo of WWII ration book.Rationing occurred during the war, worldwide.  The main purpose was to funnel supplies to soldiers in the war and control resources such as fuel for planes and tanks, food to feed soldiers, steel for armaments, and fabric to make uniforms.  Rationing also allowed resources to be distributed equally and prevented hoarding or inflated pricing.  To create an equitable system for rationing, ration books were distributed to the public, each containing coupons with rules and limits on using the coupons.


(Salads from your Victory Garden image from www.recipecurio.com)

Because of the food rationing, many families were encouraged to grow “victory gardens”.  They were fruit, vegetable and herb gardens grown on public property to help ease the pressure of public demand.  New recipes and ideas were published to support this new frugal way of living.

Other ways to work around food shortages included finding alternative food choices or cooking methods.

More information on rationing in the UK can be found at WWII Food Rationing by Mandy Barrow.

Rationing was also a familiar propaganda topic.




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