After the war ended in 1945 there were celebrations everywhere!

“After the War” includes memories of sweets no longer being rationed, the arrival of the Canadian forces in Holland, and parties in London streets.


photos of WWII medals and documents.

Welcome to Clarington Public Library’s World War II Story Sharing blog.

The world has changed drastically in the past 65 years since the war ended.  It is easy to focus on the efforts of soldiers on the frontlines and forget about the families and communities that made up the homefront.  However, the homefront played just as important a role during the war.  Life was drastically different for those at home compared to the battlelines.  Food, clothing and supplies were rationed and many had to learn to ‘do without’.  There were air raids to contend and threats of gas attacks yet life still continued around this chaos.

In an effort to capture valuable memories and events from those who lived through the war years, we are holding open interview sessions with the community to talk about their experiences.  Sessions are filmed with a camera and attendees are encouraged to share personal recollections and memorabilia to be photographed and added to our blog.  Please visit frequently as more video clips will be posted shortly.  Feel free to browse our pages with photos, video and memorabilia using the tabs at the top of the homepage.  We thank all participants in this program and look forward to sharing this valuable resource with the community.  Should you or someone you know wish to be involved, please contact us at 905-623-7322 X 731 to learn more.